Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Story of Sea Mercy in Fiji After Cyclone Winston

Photo Credit Tessa Irvin
Below is an incredible video production by our friends at that tells the story of Sea Mercy's efforts in Fiji following Cyclone Winston. It captures the volunteer heroes (captains, volunteers, sponsors) and the hearts and spirit of the people of Fiji who were impacted by this natural disaster.
As Sea Mercy winds down our 2016 Disaster Response & Recovery programs in the South Pacific, and with the dangerous and deadly results that Climate Change is producing, we are already preparing for not only "next year" in Fiji (continuation of current rebuilding programs), but also preparing for the "next one" (cyclone, earthquake, tsunami) no matter where it might hit; Vanuatu, Tonga, Kiribati, Micronesia, Palau, Solomon Islands, Marshall & Mariana Islands, or wherever we are needed.
As a non-profit charity, we are always looking for those who believe in what we do and who want to help us help the often forgotten and "at risk" people living on the thousands of remote islands across the Pacific.
+ VOLUNTEER (medical, economic, education, disaster) 
+ IN-KIND DONATIONS (medical supplies, equipment, aid) 
+ FINANCIAL DONATIONS (individual, corporate, & foundation)
+ CAPTAIN & VESSEL (Floating Clinic, Disaster Response)
Please share this with your company, employer, family and social media network, and keep Sea Mercy and the people of the South Pacific in your thoughts and prayers as we enter the next cyclone season.
Visit us at to learn more about our programs.
Thank you.

Sea Mercy

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Emergency Drinking Water - Lau Group, Fiji

In the Lau Group and Taveuni, over 90% of the clean drinking water supplies comes from water catchment (roofs/guttering) into water storage tanks. On February 20th, Cyclone Winston destroyed or damaged 80% of the homes and buildings, leaving the remote island villagers without the ability to capture and store enough water to get them through the dry season. We are now 4 months into the dry season and our greatest fears have become a reality and the people are now in desperate need of clean drinking water. With only undrinkable brackish wells to pull from, and 3-4 months until the rainy season returns, they desperately need clean water delivered to them immediately.

Sea Mercy’s dedicated Landing Craft was built specifically to carry a desalination unit that can not only generate 10,000 liters of pure drinking a day, but also carries over 400 meters of flat fire hose to effectively deliver that emergency water to difficult to access water storage containers in a village. Since June we have generated and delivered tens of thousands of liters of clean drinking water to the devastated islands in the Lomaiviti area. The Lau Group now needs us!
The current drinking water needs for the dozens of at risk villages in the Lau Group and Taveuni areas is well over 100,000 liters if they are to make it through the dry season. To meet the emergency needs there, we will be relocating our Landing Craft to Northern Lau group and Taveuni areas and staging the necessary fuel there to operate the Landing Craft for the next 30-60 days (until the needs are met). We are seeking assistance to help cover the fuel costs of sending and operating her there.
We have calculated the fuel needs at over FJD $10,000 in order for the our Landing Craft to generate and deliver the necessary water to the “at risk” Northern Lau and Taveuni remote villages. We are seeking donations and sponsors to help us offset these operational fuel costs. If you can assist, please use the link below to visit our website and make a secure donation (Credit Card or PayPal). Thank you!

Northern Lau Group Recovery and Rebuilding Needs

Since May, Sea Mercy has had a fleet of volunteer sailing and motor yacht vessels performing remote island assessments and delivering emergency (food, water, shelter and medical supplies) and recovery & rebuilding aid to the devastated remote islands impacted by Cyclone Winston.
Our detailed and first-hand assessments of each island, coupled with the local leadership direction of Sea Mercy's Lau Fleet Director, Jonathan Robinson (S/V Chez Nous), has provided the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and our Fiji based leadership team with the most accurate information available to insure any "Sea Mercy sponsored aid" is delivered to meet those specific needs.
With regards to the recovery and rebuilding projects, we have not taken the typical approach of "build it for them" but instead, we are providing them with the tools, supplies and instruction they need to allow them to "build it themselves" and to take ownership of the rebuilding. This approach has had a huge impact on the recovery phase, but the vast needs on these remote islands far outweigh our resources.
As a result, we are creating a "NEEDS" page to share with those individuals or organizations who may wish to assist us (partial or full sponsorship) to meet the specific needs. Use the link below to access the list of items needed and to donate.

Disaster Response & Recovery Work in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji by Jonathan Robinson

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Great Article Written by Sea Mercy's Fleet Coordinator, Jonathan Robinson, about the Disaster Response & Recovery work in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji following Cyclone Winston.

Sailing with Sea Mercy

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fiji Sun Article: Makogai School Rebuilding (Sea Mercy) August 31, 2016

A Symbol of Hope for Nasau - This 4 month project was a labor of love and many friends and partnerships were formed as a result. Sea Mercy had never tackled a project of this magnitude before, yet we were blessed with the financial, equipment and talent support needed from our local and international relationships. Individually, none of this could have been accomplished, but working together, no matter the size or distance of the project, anything is possible.
Great job to all those involved with the school project and we look forward to continuing to develop our programs and services to the people of the South Pacific.

Sea Mercy

"Thank You" Letter to Sea Mercy From Lomaloma Hospital

August 24th, 2016 - Vanua Balavu, Fiji

As Sea Mercy's Disaster Response projects in Fiji following Cyclone Winston draw closer to an end, the recognition and appreciation of our many volunteers for all their hard work, long hours, and use of their talents and resources are flowing in. Although seeing the joy and happiness of a local family, student or worker is reward enough, it is always encouraging to receive the recognition and "thank you's" coming in from the various ministries that we have worked with these past few challenging months.
The attached letter from the Ministry of Health is encouraging and the special recognition they have given to our Lau Group Coordinators Jonathan and Donna Robinson (s/v Chez Nous) is well deserved. 
Since February, the Robinson's have been the lead coordinators of Sea Mercy's Recovery Efforts in the Lau Group of Fiji. Whether it was coordinating the Response Fleet of 10+ volunteer vessels, delivering emergency food, water, shelter and medical care to the devastated islands, completing and submitting remote island assessments, securing additional aid, planting gardens, fighting infestations, securing more aid, digging wells, clearing debris, refilling water tanks, securing more aid, guiding visiting Super Yachts wanting to assist, rebuilding homes and hospital wards, and working with local officials and NGO volunteers... they have been the "tip of the spear" for Sea Mercy and have made the impossible happen in an impossible situation.
A heartfelt “thanks” to Jonathan, Donna, and the many other Sea Mercy volunteer captains, first mates, crews, and vessels who gave of their time, talent and hearts to assist the people of Fiji.
You are the face and heart of Sea Mercy and all that we do.