Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Makogai School Rebuilding is Finished!


After 4 months, thousands of volunteer hours, and visits from over 20 Sea Mercy volunteer vessels, today (August 31, 2016) is the official "Hand Over" ceremony of the school to the people living on Makogai. From where the school started (nothing) to where it is today is a testimony to the people directing this rebuilding effort.


Our deepest appreciation to the Project Leaders, Ian & Wendy Shields (S/V Outsider) and the many volunteers and sailors who gave of their time, talents and hearts to make this rebuilding a reality.

A heartfelt thank you goes to Geoff Deutschmann (Captain of the Sea Mercy Landing Craft) for the hundreds of miles and hours he spent delivering the materials to Makogai.

To Tracey Collins (Operations) and her countless hours organizing the warehouse, volunteers, aid shipments and the purchasing and delivery logistics following Cyclone Winston.
And last, but not least, to the many sponsors and partners who without your assistance and support, this school would still just be a dream for the parents and children living on Makogai.
You are all Sea Mercy heroes and we are so grateful for all that you have done to help the people of Fiji.
Have a wonderful Hand Over Ceremony today and give our love to the people of Makogai that have become a part of the Sea Mercy family!
Sea Mercy 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Makogai School Rebuilding Project - Sea Mercy Fiji WITH THANKS

What started as a small list of volunteer names on a board hanging on a wall, quickly grew to take over the entire wall. Since February 2016, it's hard to comprehend how many people played an important part in the rebuilding of the School on Makogai. With Ian and Wendy at the helm, so many of us were blessed to have been able to participate. 

Whether it was a captain and crew who were anchored offshore, a volunteer that traveled across the Pacific Ocean to dedicate a few weeks of their lives, or a staff member in Fiji (thanks Tracey) who spent months organizing each vital shipment of supplies and aid to the island, each person played an important role in the rebuilding process.

Some names are missing, some have yet to arrive in order to add their names to it, but each one of us who had the pleasure to be a part of this great project are grateful and excited to see the students reclaim what was lost to Cyclone Winston. The official ceremony will be on August 31st. We can't all be there, but we will always be there in spirit.
Our thanks to everyone who played a role.
Sea Mercy

(final school building pictures withheld until after the ceremony)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Makogai School Buildings (#2 here) are almost finished!

Ian and Wendy and all the volunteers that have participated in this project the past 3 months are almost finished with the school rebuilding project on Makogai. Here is a wonderful look at the painted murals on building #2 that captures the beauty and culture of the island.

Thank you everyone for you incredible hearts and help. The official ribbon cutting will take place on August 31st! Come and visit if you can. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Loving the new Mural on the Makogai School !!

As the school rebuilding project keeps rolling, the students and volunteers added a wonderful mural to the front of the school. Loving the flag on the sailboat... Although in a few months the project will be completed, its great to know that there will be a little memory left behind that future kids will ask about. 
Great job Ian & Wendy and all the Sea Mercy volunteers who have made such a huge difference the past few months.


Great "Sea Mercy" Article in Yachting World Magazine!

Sp rep MAIN
Rather than avoid regions that have suffered hardships, there are groups of sailors actively seeking out areas that could benefit from aid or emergency relief, writes Helen Fretter
Helen Fretter with Yachting World (August 2016) did a wonderful job capturing the heart and soul of Sea Mercy's Fleet Captains & Crews (small, medium and large yachts) land the effectiveness of their vessels in bringing disaster relief and recover aid to those in need. 
With a focus on the thousands of Remote Islands spread across the South Pacific, there is no island too far or lagoon entrance to narrow or shallow that they will not try their best to deliver the aid and medical teams to assist. Bringing food, water, shelter and medical care to one of the most "at risk" and neglected communities in the world.

Thanks Helen & Yachting World!

L/C Sea Mercy (Landing Craft) Arrives in the Lau Group!


"Sea Mercy" (our dedicated disaster recovery Landing Craft) arrived in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji to begin a month long Emergency Water Generation program that will provide over 100,000+ liters of clean drinking water for the number of "at risk" remote island villages following Cyclone Winston. 
Although some water catchment (roofs, guttering and water storage tanks) have been rebuilt or repaired, because Fiji is currently into it's "dry season" (until October), there has been little or no rain to help replenish their drinking water.

Captain Geoff Deutschmann
Captained by Geoff Deutschmann, L/C Sea Mercy was designed not only as a heavy aid transport, but was also specially designed to carry a 10,000 liter/day desalination unit (a Spectra LB2800) to meet the crucial water needs of the remote island villages following a natural disaster. With it's shallow draft, yet 5 ton carrying capacity, it can slip through almost any reef and anchor in a remote lagoon to deliver aid. Carrying over 400 meters of water delivery hose (and hose floats) on-board, it can deliver water to almost any village water storage tank. The water produced is temporarily stored on the Landing Craft before being pumped to the waiting village.

L/C Sea Mercy spent the months of June and July in the Lomaiviti Group generating water (50,000 liters) and transporting rebuilding materials and aid for the Makogai School project and the Naigani Village rebuilding project.
One of 8 concrete water tanks being refilled by Sea Mercy on the remote island of Batiki (Naigani Village). With the buildings damaged or destroyed (roofs and guttering), there is no was to collect drinking water for the village until they are rebuilt and the raining season returns in October.

When the water was restored to the village, the people were able to return to help rebuild their village (they had relocated 3 kilometers away to Manuku village).

Traveling almost 200 miles across open ocean to reach the Lau Group, it will refill the storage tanks there before heading to Taveuni to help offset the fresh water needs in the villages on the southern side of the island.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Blog Post From Sea Mercy Disaster Response Vessel S/V Fluenta

S/V Fluenta
Max, Elizabeth, Victoria, Jonathan and Benjamin

It is always amazing to see the hearts of sailors who are willing to change plans and course to help people in need. S/V Fluenta (Max, Elizabeth, Victoria, Jonathan and Benjamin) are one example of the heart and soul of Sea Mercy. 
Living life at sea (full-time), they are a testimony of a wonderful lifestyle and choice for their family. If "life at sea" is your dream, I encourage you to read their blog to get a taste of it. Thank you!

Light A Village Program! Giving Light in the Darkest Times

Unless you've lived through one, it's hard to imagine how the devastating a massive cyclone can be and the impact it has on your life. For the people living on the remote islands who were in the path of Cyclone Winston, their way of life has been impacted for years to come. There are no longer power lines or generators to bring light into their homes or community meeting rooms, to charge radios or phones, or to bring emergency lighting for a nurse or doctor during an injury or pregnancy. In order to cook, work or read, they are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. 

Sea Mercy's "Light a Village" program is bringing "hope and light" back to these villages!

Sea Mercy has negotiated some outstanding prices with Fujian Better Newenergy Co., Ltd for their SLS-A Solar Lighting Kit. The SLS-A solar lighting system consists of solar panels, controller, battery and LED lamps. This system is designed to supply lighting for houses and schools in remote areas or regions where there is no electricity supply. It also has DC 5/12V output for home appliances, mobile phones and equipment. It can be provide from 7-14 hours of continuous lighting for a home, school or community center. This is a all-in-one kit that provides, renewable energy, zero pollution and is easy to carry.
Follow the link to learn more about how you can help bring hope and light to a village.