Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Monday, August 29, 2016

Makogai School Rebuilding Project - Sea Mercy Fiji WITH THANKS

What started as a small list of volunteer names on a board hanging on a wall, quickly grew to take over the entire wall. Since February 2016, it's hard to comprehend how many people played an important part in the rebuilding of the School on Makogai. With Ian and Wendy at the helm, so many of us were blessed to have been able to participate. 

Whether it was a captain and crew who were anchored offshore, a volunteer that traveled across the Pacific Ocean to dedicate a few weeks of their lives, or a staff member in Fiji (thanks Tracey) who spent months organizing each vital shipment of supplies and aid to the island, each person played an important role in the rebuilding process.

Some names are missing, some have yet to arrive in order to add their names to it, but each one of us who had the pleasure to be a part of this great project are grateful and excited to see the students reclaim what was lost to Cyclone Winston. The official ceremony will be on August 31st. We can't all be there, but we will always be there in spirit.
Our thanks to everyone who played a role.
Sea Mercy

(final school building pictures withheld until after the ceremony)

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