Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Great "Sea Mercy" Article in Yachting World Magazine!

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Rather than avoid regions that have suffered hardships, there are groups of sailors actively seeking out areas that could benefit from aid or emergency relief, writes Helen Fretter
Helen Fretter with Yachting World (August 2016) did a wonderful job capturing the heart and soul of Sea Mercy's Fleet Captains & Crews (small, medium and large yachts) land the effectiveness of their vessels in bringing disaster relief and recover aid to those in need. 
With a focus on the thousands of Remote Islands spread across the South Pacific, there is no island too far or lagoon entrance to narrow or shallow that they will not try their best to deliver the aid and medical teams to assist. Bringing food, water, shelter and medical care to one of the most "at risk" and neglected communities in the world.

Thanks Helen & Yachting World!

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