Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Sunday, February 28, 2016

SEA MERCY UPDATE - 27th FEB by Susan Skeggs

Every time I open Facebook my heart swells with pride and love for the amazing things that people are doing to help other Fijians out.  Vinaka everyone for acting and living the love.
Quick update on what Sea Mercy has been up to yesterday:

Makogai Island – Lomaviti Group:  All the villagers are healthy, safe, well and morale is good given the loss and damage they sustained.  Water is still their biggest challenge.  Sea Mercy has delivered additional hand held water storage containers and has them in building catchment in the hope it will rain soon.  Vessels are making water for the village.

Batiki Island – Lomaviti Group: NDMO tasked Batiki to Sea Mercy because of the narrow channel access which makes it impossible for large vessels to service it.  The Sea Mercy fleet will do a dawn departure from Makogai 23 nm away in hope that the conditions will allow them to drop off of well needed supplies.

Remote villages – Ra District: Following Sea Mercy’s success in accessing remote villages, Commissioner Western asked for our assistance in delivering supplies to four additional villages that are very hard to access.  Within 45 minutes of receiving this request,
Sea Mercy had two fully laden utes dispatched and enroute to Ra.  Three other utes have been loaded and are ready for a pre-dawn departure Sunday 28th so supplies can be loaded onto boats and taken to villages only accessible two hours each side of high tide, which is at 10am.

Viwa Island – Yasawas:  After a situation report from Viwa Island Resort and the discovery that the two villages on Viwa that sustained significant damage were running low on food supplies, Sea Mercy has loaded up a vessel with supplies. The vessel will arrive Viwa by lunchtime on the 28th to last the 500 people for at least a week. Two government officials will accompany the mission to be able to update Commissioner Western’s Office.

Taveuni & Lau Group:  We are continuing to collect supplies to load up and send to these badly affected areas next week. We will load all our remaining 1st response supplies onto this vessel. The vessel will be loaded on Monday 29th Feb for those who would like to assist.

The Sea Mercy Warehouse team continue to do an amazing job!  Vinaka vaka levu for everyone’s support, time and donations.


Warehouse Photos:

Photos from the Ra District:

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