Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Latest Tasking Plan For Recovery Fleet by Jonathan Robinson

Eight Sea Mercy vessels from New Zealand are clearing into Vanua Balavu on Wednesday/Thursday this week to deliver aid to the remote islands of Northern Lau and half a dozen more will be in Savusavu by the weekend.

The following is an update from Tracey Collins, Sea Mercy Fiji Project Manager, on the activities of other Sea Mercy vessels already working in the area.

S/V SHINE: Left Port Denarau Friday, May 6th and headed for the Lomaiviti Group of Islands.  They delivered aid to Yanca Village, Morturiki & Naigani Village, as well as Batiki Island. Patrick is heading up the following projects planned for NAIGANI VILLAGE:  

1.        Roofing Structures - build (8) roofing structures with guttering next to existing water catchment tanks.

2.        Pipe Spring Water to Village - build a small dam at water source above Naigani village and run pipes 1000 meters to village.

3.        Repair Methodist Church - paint walls and floor, replace glass louvres, repair ceiling panels, repair porch roof.

4.        Repair Brackish Well - clean out old surface water well and repair.

5.        Copra Dryer - supply and install new Copra dryer (used in making coconut oil).

6.        Teach Gardening - teach how to plant seeds, composting and any other gardening skills. 

7.        Clear Path - clear a path from Naigani to the Hospital across the island.

8.        Clear Debris - clear away debris from Naigani village and recycle building materials.

9.        Build Temporary Toilets - build 9 toilet facilities using existing septic tanks. 
10.    Build Kindergarten - build small Kindy for (8) kids.

11.    Rebuild showers                    


S/V ANAHATA: Currently in Port Denarau and headed for Makoagi 25/5/16. David will be rebuilding the toilets here - cleaning them up, installing a shower and basins in preparation for the volunteers.

S/V OUTSIDER: Currently in Port Denarau and departing for Makogai 30/5/16. Ian and Wendy will head up the Makogai School Rebuilding Project that include the following tasks:

1.    Set Up Camp in Makogai for volunteers.

2.    Rebuilding of the School - As the central building for the village, our first goal is to rebuild the school to cyclone resistant safety standards for the protection of the village while installing the guttering and water tanks for drinking water catchment (the children are currently attending school outside under a tarp).
a.    Materials Needed: Lumber, metal roofing, guttering, nails, caulking, concrete, tools, etc.

3.    Rebuilding of their Homes - We will transition the villagers from the temporary tent shelters once each home is rebuilt and/or restored.
a.    Materials Needed: Lumber, metal roofing, guttering, nails, caulking, tools, etc.

4.    Water Catchment & Storage - We will repair and deliver new water storage tanks to the village once the buildings are in place.
a.    Materials Needed: Water tanks, caulking, pipe and guttering

S/V ROCKSTAR: Currently cruising the Yasawas. ETA Makogai unknown. Danny and crew will clearing a track from the dinghy beach to the village and then help with the bathroom renovation.


INTERLUDE III: Currently anchored outside Pacific Cove, Taveuni 24/5/16.
Fletcher has made some great contacts while he was in Savusavu.  He has travelled overnight to Taveuni with all of the aid from Savusavu as well as filters for our water makers.  He is in contact with Julie Kelly from Nakia Dive Shop and will be providing assistance to her and her projects in Southern Taveuni.  Fletcher is aiming to be back in Savusavu Friday 27th May.  He will restock his boat and head to Northern Lau to join the fleet there.

S/V KOKAH: Currently in Port Denarau after returning from Naviti Island on 23/5/16.

BEV left Port Denarau on 16/5/16 bound for Kese, Soso and Mua-ira Villages.  She and her crew changed the filters in our water makers and gave them a good clean out. She has left extra filters along with instruction on how to clean the filters. Bev will also be helping in the warehouse when available.

S/V GAMBOL: Currently in Suva. We are waiting for a response to our tasking request.


DENARAU WAREHOUSE: We still have aid in our warehouse.  We also have 5 pallet loads ready to go to Makogai.

I also need help to pack up pallets ready to ship to Savusavu.  I will wait on direction from Jonathan as to what aid is required in Northern Lau.

SAVUSAVU WAREHOUSE: Between Fletcher(Interlude III) & Tony from the Copra Shed, we have managed to find two options to store any items for pick up by our fleet in Savusavu.  I will check them out when in Savusavu on Saturday.

We currently have two volunteers here working for NGO Byond.  They have a shipment of school supplies and other aid that they would like to get out to Kubulau, which is on the mainland of Vanua Levu just down from Savusavu.  I believe there are 5 villages in total, all with safe anchorage outside.

Tracey Collins will be at the Copra Shed at 11am on Saturday to meet with any crew from Sea Mercy vessels.

We are hoping to kick off both projects in the Lomaiviti Group the 1st week of June.  Any volunteers/vessels interested in helping at these islands please let Tracey know:

Phone: +679 7400049,
Email: or
Email me at


Sea Mercy Fleet Coordinator

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