Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Amazing Things Can Happen In a Week!! by Susan Skeggs

Amazing what things can happen in a week! One week ago today, Sea Mercy Fiji response was activated. The next day the first of our volunteer vessels had been dispatched.

Since then, Sea Mercy Fiji has received and distributed over $50,000 worth of supplies to remote islands and villages who were badly affected by TC Winston. Sea Mercy has been the first response to Makogai, Batiki, 6 remote villages in Northern Ra and Viwa Island in the Yasawas.

Today, Sea Mercy loaded Reef Endeavour with supplies for Savusavu, Taveuni and Lau.

This gives you an idea of what a little bit of Sea Mercy aid looks like:

2374 kgs of Rice
2744 kgs of Flour
1451 kgs of Breakfast Crackers
338 kgs of Sugar
34 cases of Rolled Oats
366 cases of Split Peas
117 Cases of noodles
226 kgs of Milk Powder
6 kgs Tea
13 Cases of Corned Beef
50 cases of Tinned Fish
538 liters of Oil
800 Pump Torches
44 cases of Candles
262 boxes of Matches

All Sea Mercy missions also took out tarpaulins, rope, water purifying units, basic building materials and medical supplies.

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