Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sea Mercy Solar Watermaker Install #1 - Batiki Island

With the larger vessels bringing water-making support to the bigger remote islands (i.e. Koro, population 3,000+), Sea Mercy is focusing on the smaller islands that are often far down that priority list for assistance. Batiki, population 300+, is one of the first remote islands that Sea Mercy has sent one of our solar watermakers to assist. This will free up vessels to from delivering water, to assisting in the recovery and rebuilding of these remote islands.

Below are a few pictures of the initial setup to test the unit and to train the local villagers how to maintain the unit, clean the filters, keeping the intake lines safe and secure, and the solar panels and batteries protected.
This solar unit (with battery storage to keep it running through the night) will produce over 1,000 liters of clean drinking water a day and help offset the risk of disease and devastation from waterborne illnesses.
We currently have 7 solar desalination units left, one of those is on its way to Makogai Island for install. There are 40+ remote villages that are in need of clean water assistance, so any assistance you can provide to help us expand our water making capacity would be greatly appreciated.
You can donate using the PayPal link on this page.

Initial solar and desalination training for the islanders.

No fossil fuels needed and there is plenty of sun in Fiji.

Keeping the water intake hose visible, elevated and safe from damage is vital.

Keeping the big stuff away from the intake pump and filters is vital to its success and longevity

First fruits of their labor!
 Tom Hanks may have yelled "I have made Fire" in the movie Castaway,
 but "we have made water" sounds even better right now. :) 
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