Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SEA MERCY UPDATE: 1st March by Susan Skeggs

S/Y Outsider returned for resupplying to Elllington Wharf where Sea Mercy restocked them with hardware and building supplies. The mission objective for builder Ian is to work with the Makogai Island village to become self-sufficient for their water again by installing new guttering and providing a means of water catchment when the rain does come. Another one of the Sea Mercy fleet are waiting for spare parts then heading to Makogai to sit on anchor making water for the village.

Sea Mercy had been receiving reports about villages that, as of today, have still not received any support. A chartered seaplane plus four Government officials identified that there are three Northern Ra coastal villages that are still completely cut off and have received no assistance.

S/Y Zazoo – Juan, our charismatic Brazilian, has been chomping at the bit to get out and help wherever he can. A fully laden Zazoo left Denarau today heading for Ellington Wharf and will be directed to supply those coastal Northern Ra villages.
In the same assessment flight, a group of interior hinterland villages were identified as being unvisited. Sea Mercy are working closely with Govt, Higgins (who are doing an AMAZING job clearing roads!) and Commissioner Western to supply these villages tomorrow.

S/Y Shine – Shine had a successful trip from Makogai to Batiki and were met with tears of joy when they offloaded much needed supplies. Lauren our floating nurse met with local village health workers and assisted them in the assessment of the general health of the village. Again water is a huge issue for Batiki, and until water collection and storage solutions are found in Nagani the villagers cannot rebuild or return so have to remain hosted by Monoku village. Shine dropped off additional medical supplies to the hospital in Levuka before heading to the mainland to pick up Shelter Boxes for Batiki.

The Nai’a has just departed for Tavenui this evening and has been loaded up with water purification tools, tents, shelter boxes and solar lights. Nigel has been working closely with RNZAF and was able to facilitate the Sea Mercy consignment which took up nearly 7 tonnes of the 8 tonne manifest! Temporary, solid accommodation in the form of robust tents are a key priority which will allow the rebuilding of stronger more structurally sound buildings. With Australia and NZ navy support arriving, Sea Mercy’s first response phase is drawing to an end. Now we are focusing on working with villages and helping them rebuild to become self-sufficient again.

Once again – thank you everyone who has donated to the Sea Mercy Fiji cause. The money and goods you donate are going directly to those who so desperately need it throughout Fiji. For all our amazing volunteers, those on our fleet of vessels and those busily organizing our immaculate (but incredibly hot) warehouse – vinaka vaka levu. None of our amazing achievements would be possible without you.

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