Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"How Cool Is This ....." via Facebook Julie Kelly says "Thank You Sea Mercy"

Julie Kelly, owner of Taveuni Ocean Sports,  made the following posts on Facebook. She lives in Somosomo on the north western shore of Taveuni and has been heavily involved in the recovery efforts in the southern part of the island. Sea Mercy IS making a difference!

Via Facebook:

16 hrs ago

How cool is this…. I am getting a drink of clean drinking water on the shore of Navakawau Village using a solar powered desalination unit. This is a village that lost 70% of all houses due to Cyclone Winston and they do not have a water source. Thank you SeaMercy for responding to our pleas and donating these units. Everyone is enjoying the sweet water.

Photo courtesy of Julie Kelly 

Thanks to Sea Mercy and Nakia Resort for facilitating 2 desalination units for Navakawau Village for temporary relief. We are all working towards a borehole which will ensure regular water for the village of over 600. Julie Kelly thanks a million! Ian and Wendy Shields with Sea Mercy have been fantastic! 

And Cedric Holtz I think you will be surprised who I have been with, friends of yours from Samoa! Clark James we are really appreciative you and Octavia Hunter came and experienced our communities. Clark, the donation you made to Sea Mercy directly contributed to 1 of 2 desalination units at Navakawau Village. You have made a world of difference to the health and well being of our people.

All photos courtesy of Abhishek Sapra 

Solar panel

Sea water collection site
Building a small stone barricade for waves.

Navakawau coastlines

Ian and Wendy

Cleanest drinking water in Vuna Tikina, Navakawau Village

Lots of help!!

Julie has shared with the public many other amazing pictures and videos about the work in Taveuni since Cyclone Winston hit six weeks ago. Read more first-hand accounts of the recovery work in Taveuni on her personal Facebook Profile or business Facebook Page.

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