Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Report From Jim Schutt (S/V Apropos) On Visit to Na Sau Village on Makogai

Sea Mercy yacht, Apropos, conducted an assessment of Makogai Island on April 14-17 of 2016.  The aim of the visit was to deliver supplies to Na Sau village on the island as requested by Sea Mercy.  
Key Findings/Observations:

We visited the Fisheries side and the men took us to Na Sau in their longboat to deliver the supplies.  We didn’t have a lot of spare petrol so they gladly accepted waka! One man at the Fisheries side has Dengue Fever and I gave him a dozen Tylenol. 

At Na Sau, we delivered a couple hundred pounds of supplies—mainly canned food, clothing, shoes, children toys, and water bottles.  An elder showed us around the village.  Their water-maker is working well and he ran it while we were there. 

I asked what they needed most:  a chainsaw, rebuilding the school, and more kids clothing. 

The seeds we brought earlier are sprouting now.  We also gave then 8 LuminAid solar lights I bought in the US which they appreciated.  They were very grateful of Sea Mercy.

Watermaker previously installed by Sea Mercy is still
working well and providing fresh water to the village.

What is left of the school.

Seeds we brought earlier are sprouting.

"We spent a few days on Makogai and delivered supplies to Na Sau village - it was an awesome experience!" Jim S/V Apropos

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