Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Water Catchment System Assessment and Repair in the Yasawa Group

Look at the size of this tree!! A true testament to the strength of the 
winds that came with Winston.

Damage in Kese and Somo

Tom and Bruce have been busy assessing and repairing the water catchment systems in the villages of Keso and Somo on Naviti Island in the Yasawa Group. The catchment systems are designed to "catch" rain water from the roofs of buildings and route it to large storage tanks for later use. Many of the roofs and tanks were destroyed or damaged by the high winds and flying debris of Winston. Without the ability to store rainwater, these villages face the crisis of having no fresh water and, to complicate things, the dry season is starting soon. This is the case throughout all the remote islands and is our highest priority need!!

As part of our emergency response efforts, Sea Mercy has installed a solar-powered desalinization unit in each village to "make" fresh water from salt water.

Gotta love the ingenuity of the Fijian people who try to let nothing go to waste:)  Bruce and Tom were recently called back to look at a desalinization unit that was not working. They investigated and found that the villagers had hooked a hose to the discharge port of the unit to use as a shower. The pump is not made to push water uphill and an air-bubble formed in the system but it was a quick fix and they were back in business.

Damage to water storage tanks been
 a widespread problem in the remote islands

New roof, new tank - just add water.

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