Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sea Mercy Recovery Fleet Update #3

Disaster Recovery Fleet 1 is already working in Fiji. We have four vessels on their way with aid to the Lomaiviti Group and one vessel heading to Vanua Balavu. Weather permitting, today we will be sending two additional vessels out for aid delivery and assessment to the Lomaiviti and Lau island groups.

     I.          Disaster Recovery Fleet 1: (Fiji)
a.   BREEZE with Per, Sabina, Ella and Dr. Jan-Ake aboard sailed for the Ra District then on to the Lomaiviti.
b.   APROPOS(Jim) sailed with BREEZE and is now with OUTSIDER(Ian and Wendy) in Makogai.
c.   SHINE(Patrick and Geoff) plan to depart Port Denarau on April 23 for Lomaiviti then on to Levuka Ovalua. They will go to Batiki, Moturiki and Nairai checking the water makers previously installed.
d.  Check out the blog post on OUTSIDER's water maker installation in Taveuni.

Disaster Recovery Fleet 2 is mustering in Opua, NZ on April 25th with plans to sail to Fiji at the first weather window. Disaster Recovery Fleets 3-5 consist of additional local yachts and several large yachts in NZ, Tahiti and Australia. They are preparing to join our operations in Fiji at their earliest opportunity.

  II.          Disaster Recovery Fleet 2:
a.     Fleet 2A
                                     i. Our Vanua Balavu clearance has been approved by the Fijian Government who have agreed to meet the general costs. The vessel clearance fee remains the skipper's responsibility.
                                    ii. Northland Spars and Rigging have offered us warehouse space for staging 
supplies prior to embarkation-Thank you Terry.

b.      Fleet 2B  Please welcome new additions:
                                      i.     Tim, Jude and family on board HONEY
                                     ii.     Bruce and Di on TOUCAN
                                    iii.     Max, Elizabeth and family on FLUENTA
                                    iv.     Catherine and Peter on THE SOUTHERN CROSS

III.          Disaster Recovery Fleet 4
a.     Danny on ROCKSTAR will be joined by
b.     David on ANAHATA who has just departed Majuro and
c.      Oscar on ZEN II who is awaiting generator spares in Port Denarau.

Finally, a big “THANK YOU” to Marie and JP from DOMINO who have been collating information on our target islands. We are particularly short on information for Kanacea and Nayau if anyone can assist.

For additional information on our Recovery Fleet plans, please read Sail World’s article concerning our fleet.

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