Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Huge "THANK YOU" to Our Partners LIFT, Scan Shipping and FIJI Airways!!

Thank you LIFT Non-Profit Logistics & Scan Shipping!
Even before Cyclone Winston had passed over Fiji, Michael Retting with "Lift Non-Profit Logistics" was working with Sea Mercy to bring desalination units, ShelterBox's, and food and clothing that was being staged in Port Denarau for Sea Mercy. He has continued to support Sea Mercy's disaster recovery efforts for Fiji and has become a great friend and partner. His efforts has saved Sea Mercy thousands of dollars in shipping costs, savings that instead goes into purchasing aid and equipment for the remote islanders. Michael also introduced us to Scan Shipping who has help organize and prepare our US based aid shipments to be sent across the South Pacific to where it is needed.
Our deepest appreciation to both organizations for their support and assistance.
Learn more about them here:
Scan Shipping:

Our Thanks also to FIJI AIRWAYS for their support of Sea Mercy by shipping our Desalination Unit and 400 pair of "Grow with Me" shoes for the school children on the remote islands of Fiji.

SPECTRA (Katadyn) - Supplied us with a specially designed (portable) LB2800 Desalination Watermaker for our Sea Bridge Program. This unit is easily transported by our Landing Craft (and land based transport vehicle) and generates 100+ gallons of water per hour for the remote island villages.

GROW WITH ME SHOES - Emily Osborne introduced Sea Mercy to these wonderful shoes and started her very own fundraising effort that raised enough funds for 400 pair. These durable shoes are actually adjustable and will allow a child to grow with them through 5 sizes vs. outgrowing them in less than a year.

Another great example of companies going above the call of duty to help others.

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