Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

VANUA BALAVU (Part 2): Cruisers Notes and Waypoints by Marie Dufour on Domino


Opua (NZ) - May 6, 2016 -   This is the second installment of my compendium of navigation notes on the Lau Groups, Fiji.

*** Disclaimer - This is a collection of waypoints, anchorages and routes that I have gathered from other cruisers, websites, guides and seminars I attended.  DOMINO has not navigated in the Eastern lagoon of Vanua Balavu and we have not tested these waypoints.  Furthermore, in the aftermath of Cyclone Winston, the seafloor may have been littered with debris and the anchorages may have been altered.  We recommend caution and a sharp lookout, daytime navigation in good conditions only! ***

1 - The Tongan Pass  -  This is the SE pass into Vanua Balavu and the most direct route to Lomaloma.  A reef bisects the entrance of the pass, so cruisers have to go east or west of that reef.  Although I have waypoints for both sides, I have more reports for the west channel.

Tongan Pass - The route entered is for the western channel... The eastern channel is possible as well

2 - Munia Island Anchorage - A good anchorage before or after transiting through the Tongan Pass.

Munia Island Anchorage point

3 - Susui Island - There are 2 anchorages possible - 


4 - The Hidden lagoon - Possibly, the locals at Susui can give cruisers directions to the Hidden lagoon.

Susui Island: Anchorage and Hidden lagoon

Sisui - Hidden Lagoon Anchorage Point - unsure if the lagoon is accessible

5 - Lomaloma to Susui

Lomaloma to Sisui

Lomaloma to Sisui, and Munia Island

6 - Tongan Pass to Lomaloma

Tongan Passage to Lomaloma

7 - Lomaloma anchorage - 

YanuYanu = Lomaloma

8 - Mavana - 
Mavana Anchorage

9 - Lomaloma to Mavana -   

Lomaloma to mavana

Again, we have not experienced these anchorages and we expect they have most suffered from a 30’ surge and 165 mph winds.  I wish I had recent Google satellite pictures to share, but all of these are pre-Winston.  

In any case, be careful!

Until next time


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