Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Water To the Susui Village by Per Eliasson

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Leaving Vanua Balavu to go to Vanua Levu. Spent two days in Susui Village helping them to get some water. All tanks were almost empty, and this is the beginning of the dry season, and gutters and rain water catchment destroyed by Winston. Nomadess came to help produce water but we needed to get it ashore.

Cleaning and preparing the main tank that was full of salt water from Winston

Starting to pull some 270 meter of hose.
Hose stuck under a bommie, still 100 meters to go.

Ran out of hose, so last 30 meter we had to use pieces of old hose patched together.

Inspecting hose repairs.

Happy men from Susui.
Water is almost as important as Kava to them😀

Nomadess pumped a lot of water all night but the hose broke off in the middle of the night at a windshift. At least they did get appx 2500-3000 liters in the tank before it broke. That will keep the 72 people in the village with drinking water for three weeks. 

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