Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Recovery Fleet Activity Is Ramping Up in Fiji and the Needs Are Great!

The Sea Mercy Recovery Fleet arrived in Vanua Balavu at the end of May and vessels were assigned specific islands and villages to deliver aid and perform needs assessments.

Marie Dufour on DOMINO has done an amazing job in documenting the conditions and needs in the villages they visited on her blog, DOMINO 20 . The links to these posts are listed below. (Click on the picture captions for the link)

She has many incredible stories that highlight the tenacity of the Fijian people and the reality they face after the fury of Winston.

Sea Mercy Arrives In Loma Loma

Vanua Balavu: One Village At a Time

Vanua Balavu: One Step At a Time

Sea Mercy: One Water Tank At a Time

Sea Mercy: One Garden At aTime

Sea Mercy: Seeds of Hope in Boitaci

Sea Mercy: Avea Island Garden

Sea Mercy: Suisui Women Garden Club

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