Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Construction In Naigani Village on Batiki Is Going Fantastic! by Kelli Vidiuk

<via Facebook: Sea Mercy Fiji - Cyclone Winston>
Construction in Naigani is going fantastic! Building materials have arrived and everyone in the village has been working extra hard.

We have completed the draining, cleaning and reconstruction of the well allowing Naigani to have fresh clean water to bath in. 

Two new roofing structures have been built and a third will be completed tomorrow, thanks to the donation of timbers and roofing tin.

A temporary shower and shower room has been constructed and hung up, thanks to some ingenious ideas!!

Everyone is constantly working to clear debris. It's being broken up, buried and forgot about and Naigani is starting to look like a village again.
With the arrival of the Sea Mercy barge on Tuesday, the water maker has been going strong all day and pumping fresh water into the village. So far filling one 10,000 Liter tank!

Roofs and water have been the main focus and slowly the villagers are moving back into Naigani. It's outstanding how much everyone here has accomplished! 

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