Map of Fiji

Map of Fiji

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Batiki Island (Naigani Village) Project, Lomaiviti Group, Fiji

There are so many devastated islands in Fiji following Cyclone Winston and unfortunately Sea Mercy's resources are limited to addressing only a few communities at a time. As a result, we have sent teams to understand the needs and have selected projects that are based on highest needs and access to outside assistance (government or other). 
We selected Naigani village for one of our recovery & rebuilding projects for June. The people of Naigani lost everything except their church and they cannot move back home (living on the far side of the island) until water and food production can be restored.
If the 200+ kmp winds were not enough of a destructive force, a 4 meter high wall of sea water pushed by the storm roared through the village taking down every home and community building. It washed away not only the broken walls and roofs of the homes, but every personal item and memory the villagers had. What they had left was what they were wearing as they fled the wall of water into the hills.
Since Winston's destruction, Sea Mercy has delivered food, shelter, water and medical care to the villagers living here. We are sending a team on June 11th to help rebuild the homes, establish clean drinking water facilities, sanitation projects, and replant the farms and gardens they need to survive and thrive again.
Please keep the people of Naigani, our volunteers and captains, and the vessels serving these communities in your thoughts and prayers.

Sea Mercy

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